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    experts for the Chinese market

  • More than 16 years of experience at your service

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Over 20 years of experience at your service

Stos Advisory is expert in accounting and finance, tax and human resources in China.

The founder partner has over 16 years across China in various business sectors and regions.

Registered in China and Hong Kong, Stos Advisory can operate throughout China but also in other Asian countries with its partners.

Finance and accounting services

Financial and accounting supervision, tax review, audit and advisory, etc.

Interim management

Rapidly deployed managers to substitute your financial or Human Resources teams

Human Resources Services

Optimize your HR process, audit and revamp your organisation


A team of experts
at your service

A dedicated and proactive team to advise you throughout your project.

To save and let you focus on the business by allowing you to rely on experts for administrative and financial matters.

Professionalize your accounting, tax, administrative and human resources management in compliance with national and local regulations.

Train your finance and human resources teams with high-performance tools in compliance with national and local regulations.

To stand in for your employees in finance or HR for a defined period through our interim management services.

Assess the value of your company or target company and assist you in your process of investor search or external growth.

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